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Pajene presents: Something All My Own

"Something All My Own"  was created on November 7, 2002, it was designed to display my many works.   8 years later, I've decided to use it as a platform to make my talents available to you.   Below you will find links to the different branches of my site.  Depending on your needs, you may be able to use my services to make Something All 'Your' own.

  A long running hobby of mine has been decorating cakes.  I've been doing it since 1996, so its been a while.  After each creation, something I always tried to do is snap a picture of my work before it's delivered.  Here's is where those pictures have been put to good use.  Some examples here:



  From time to time, another hobby of mine is sewing.  This is a newer service I've decided to make available.  This link will take you to a showcase of my creations so far

You may contact me by clicking my name below. 


Thank you for stopping by!!